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Larry S. Frankel lives in Great Barrington, MA, specializing in landscape and cityscape photography. He received his B.S. from Boston University and his Masters of Arts in Photography from New York University/International Center for Photography.

He has always been interested in the photograph and its relationship with truth and time. Does a photograph portray truth? Can an image expand itself into a different dimension of time and space rather then be based upon the fraction of time it took to create it? What are the underlying differences between painting and photography? Larry uses various techniques dealing with these ideas to alter landscapes and cityscapes into imagery that represent a new reality. His images have been widely exhibited and he has several pieces in the permanent collection of the Hebrew Union College Museum. In addition several of his written articles and photographs are published. He has also served as an artist in residence for photography at the Hudson River Museum.

His color photograph The Library, 2012 (20”x24”), featured in a curated exhibition entitled The Sexuality Spectrum at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Museum in New York was acquired by the museum in 2012 for their permanent collection. Here Frankel created an insightful self-portrait by photographing a shelf of his personal books. His choice and mixed arrangement bespeaks his interest in and commitment to both his religious values and his deeper understanding of his own sexuality. Mishkan T’filah for Travelers is arranged with Gender Outlaw, Queer Theory, and The Complete Artscroll Siddur. He also created “Sukkoth Panel” which is in the Permanent Collection of the Jewish Theological Seminary, NYC.


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